Founder of Cocina de Laura is the most positive person you'll ever meet! Maybe it's because her diet is filled with good nutrition and a can-do attitude. There aren't many who will accomplish what Laura Virginia has accomplished, and she's only getting started! This bilingual entrepreneur is full of vision and drive.

Born in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Laura was surrounded by cultural foods that enriches one’s day. Even so, her own beloved mother carried a terrific culinary understanding, pressing experiences into the family that were too strong to forget. When Laura moved to the United States of America by herself, her country and mother’s kitchen practices launched her on a new adventure of preparing fun meals; especially since now she had no one to serve her being away from family. Along the way, she picked up how to make her favorite Venezuelan dishes, as well as inventing exciting dishes that were health-consciously made. Being in her mid-20’s, on top of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s in project management, she quickly set goals for her future. One of them was owning her own business, and she realized the opportunities in her new home in the state of Texas. Laura knew right away that starting some sort of culinary business was going to happen. Thus, Cocina de Laura was founded!

Cocina de Laura was first thought up in 2018, when Laura was working at one of her first jobs... Trader Joe's. There, she was trained extensively on the origins of the many products sold in that grocery store, allowing her to deliver the best customer service. Before moving to America, she owned a cosmetics company, realizing the power of marketing tools and business essentials. With her natural interest in

the food, training in a wide range of produce and experience as a business owner, it became clear that she was ready to serve Houston on a grand scale. Laura understands that her operation is only unique to other food providers if she adheres to the biblical diet and delivers the highest quality produce at their freshest state.


"It starts with quality and ends with presentation. It's Comida Bonita!"

-Laura Virginia